The Paul Roos Covid 19 Challenge

The first over the board tournament since the Pandemic lock down was initiated was held at Paul Roos Gymnasium. The tournament was a great success and two follow-up tournaments have…


ACL Checkmate Issue 2

Here is our installment of ACL Checkmate. Hope you enjoy! ACL-Checkmate-Issue-2Download

Instructive Material

A small change to a well known pattern

A game that I liked (ChessBase 16) [Event "Moscow Championships"] [Site "Dortmund"] [Date "1946.06.23"] [Round "3"] [White "Bronstein, David"] [Black "Kotov, Alexander"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "B17"] [Annotator "Salimu,Reuben"] [PlyCount "41"]…


Fide Instructor Caroline Njenga on ACL Coaches Training

It has been such a learning experience for me receiving chess coaching training from Reuben Salimu of African Chess Lounge. I have seen tremendous improvement in my level of play…


Testimonial on Level 1 Training

We recently held a training session for Level 1 trainers in partnership with Lighthouse Chess Club, our friends in east Africa and we recieved a beautiful testimonial from one of…


Scroll Inscriptions

Ilse Joubert runs Scroll inscriptions and they are running a nice competition were you can win amazing prizes. Here is the link for the competition,'= Enjoy!


CWP Trainees who passed Level 1 Training

Here is the list of coaches who passed Level 1 in the recent training course organised by Chess Western Province in Partnership with ACL. Congratulations to the following candidates Lubabalo…


The Oddest Place You Will Find Chess

Most chess players have found themselves so consumed by the position on the board, the tactics brewing in their heads that they forget their surroundings. Usually, these games are played…


Ten Books of Chess You must read

The number of books written about chess is tremendous. While that can be great for the chess world, it poses practical issues for many fans. Most chess players have their…