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Our platform is the #1 site for kids. As a chess development tool, it provides resources to make chess fun for kids. Even if parents don’t know how to play chess, they can help kids to learn to play and improve quickly. As an organisation, it helps us reach kids, not in our immediate vicinity.

Kids can

  • Watch video lessons

  • Solve Puzzles

  • Track Progress

With our tool, we turn screen time into learning time. Kids can play at home on pcs or on the phone app on apple or android phones and tablets.

This way kids

  • Play safely (No chat)

  • Choose fast or slow games

  • Join Tournaments

  • Pay vs. computer



The platform was created from the ground up with the safety of children as our #1 priority. You control whom your kids can play with. You can limit them to playing within their own Club or let them play with kids at their level from around the world.


Communication is limited, only teachers, coaches or parents can chat with their own kids.


We want to get all the kids playing against each other in their spare time and be able to help and check how they are doing. We will be able to award kids for their hard work and see where they are having difficulties. The cost is R210 for 3 months, R370 for 6 months or R740 for an annual plan.

Contact us on Whatsapp at 078 572 7546 or

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