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Congratulations to all the victors of the Teneo Chess Open!

This weekend's contest was a showcase of sharp minds and strategic prowess.

Special applause for Liam Wernhard of Teneo School, who clinched first place with masterful play.

Chase Salimu of Curro Durbanville Primary deserves a hearty cheer for an impressive score of 6 out of 7, securing a solid third-place finish.

A round of applause for Kevin Gwanzura for matching the 6/7 score — what a performance!

And hats off to Shekhinah Balia, the top female competitor, also closing the tournament with a stellar 6/7.

Your determination and skills have set a high standard for the game. We look forward to celebrating your achievements and delivering your well-earned prizes. Until then, keep your strategies sharp and your spirits high!

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