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Our Chess Is Open to Everyone

I am getting settled in the Curro Durbanville family and I thought it’s a perfect time to get out of non-existence with you and give you an idea of what we are doing with the Chess Academy. Our Chess Program is open to everyone.

I have witnessed the benefits of chess to kids for years it has stopped being a miracle for me. But I bet you the person who never stops being a miracle is the kid who goes through it. That’s why I want you to encourage them to come through.

In Class Training for Primary and High School

Here at Curro Durbanville chess at primary is compulsory in-class for grade1,2 and 3. Then available as an after-school sport for everyone every Tuesday as they finish school from Grade 1-7.

At the high school, it's compulsory for grade 8s and 9s and is available as an after-school sport on Wednesday from 3 pm-4:30.

Private Chess Lessons

If all this does not suit the kids’ timetables, they can still enroll privately, and all the information is available on

Our academy caters to everyone, from those just wanting to have fun to those wanting to become champions at chess.

Chess addresses Other Issues

I would like to recommend for kids struggling with learning, confidence, shyness, withdrawal, you can name a whole gamut of non-optimum situations and chess will help significantly help in this regard.

A lot of people have ideas of how complicated chess is but to be honest with you, to just play and enjoy the benefits is easy. My door is open, and I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Coach Reuben Salimu

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