Our Chess Is Open to Everyone

I am getting settled in the Curro Durbanville family and I thought it’s a perfect time to get out of non-existence with you and give you an idea of what we are doing with the Chess Academy. Our Chess Program is open to everyone.

I have witnessed the benefits of chess to kids for years it has stopped being a miracle for me. But I bet you the person who never stops being a miracle is the kid who goes through it. That’s why I want you to encourage them to come through.

In Class Training for Primary and High School

Here at Curro Durbanville chess at primary is compulsory in-class for grade1,2 and 3. Then available as an after-school sport for everyone every Tuesday as they finish school from Grade 1-7.

At the high school, it's compulsory for grade 8s and 9s and is available as an after-school sport on Wednesday from 3 pm-4:30.

Private Chess Lessons

If all this does not suit the kids’ timetables, they can still enroll privately, and all the information is available on www.africanchesslounge.org/academy

Our academy caters to everyone, from those just wanting to have fun to those wanting to become champions at chess.

Chess addresses Other Issues

I would like to recommend for kids struggling with learning, confidence, shyness, withdrawal, you can name a whole gamut of non-optimum situations and chess will help significantly help in this regard.

A lot of people have ideas of how complicated chess is but to be honest with you, to just play and enjoy the benefits is easy. My door is open, and I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Coach Reuben Salimu

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