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How to win a chess game from the start

May 22, 2017

So you have learnt to play chess and now you win some and lose some, what is the next step you need to win a few more extra ones?


Well the next logical step is the opening. We won't even try  to be fancy at this stage, we just need some hard bound rules on how to properly start the game so that you are at least equal or better in the beginning stages. Here are the guidelines for the opening



1. Control the center. These are firstly the first four squares in the center of the board, which we call the small center extending to the next sixteen squares which we refer to as the bigger center. Control of this part of the board ensures you have control of the struggle.


2. Develop your pieces, simple enough, you are not going to checkmate anyone with one piece, get every piece involved in the fight.


3. King safety, usually involving castling early, it just means that, you are not going to checkmate anyone with your king exposed.


4. Put your queen on a good square. A queen is a valuable piece and should not be brought out early in the game as it is exposed to attack, you need a good safe square to place her highness so that she does as much as she can and she is safe.


5. Connect the rooks, at the beginning, the rooks are the only pieces not protected. There is a principle of chess that all pieces should always be protected at all times. We will learn about this principle  in later articles but suffice it to say that connecting the rooks is an opening objective which lends power to your position.


6. This is the last and very vital part of this whole process , prevent your opponents ideas. Thats what chess is about, as you implement the above steps, try and make sure your opponent does not get his objectives met.


With these simple steps you can easily start winning a few more games! I look forward to hearing from you. I will be analyzing and posting a few games  to make these points clearer.

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