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A standardized course in chess training

October 23, 2017

Nowadays chess training methods have multiple serious flaws. The most prevalent one is probably the inability of chess coaches to understand the difficulties that their students are facing when studying chess.

Due to their own high chess level they make assumptions based on their own chess ability, which not always directly translates to their student-players, making the educational process more difficult. In simple terms, not every strong chess player is capable to teach one to become a strong player.

Another problem is greatly related to the absence of the right materials which can teach chess coaches about how to train amateur players.


Lastly, any chess exercise should have a meaning which should be beyond simply finding a solution. The student needs to realize the point of that exercise, capture the main idea and to be able to apply it in his own chess games. Otherwise, the knowledge is useless.

The main goal of a student is to change their thinking process and to be able to start using common chess thinking processes for assisting in decision making process.


In developing our category courses we took special care to cater for these challenges and we are happy to present our 10 Level training course  that we can take anyone from Novice 0 Elo Rating to Expert Elo 2000 Rating .


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FIDE Trainer 


Reuben Salimu 


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