What your donations buy

African Chess Lounge was founded in 2011 by Mr. Reuben Salimu an esteemed chess expert and trainer. Mr. Salimu is an instrumental developer of community-based chess, an author, chess choreographer, and tournament organizer with the mission of bringing chess to the wider and broader audience


Mr. Salimu began the organization with 5 subscribed members but now boasts five 5 trainers, 10 administrative staff, and 107 subscribed members in addition to the thousands who have passed through ACL in some shape or form.



















ACL recognizes chess as a tool that encompasses life principles. We use chess to enhance the quality of life and tackle societal challenges.


Our approach has proven we can also produce masters while introducing chess to the masses. Since inception we have,


- Produced 12 Titled Players.

- Won the Western Cape league 2 years back-to-back 2015 and 2016.

- In 2020 we competed in the International Chess League and fostered networks to expand our international reach.

- Run the biggest in-class program in Africa

- Run the biggest and far-reaching talent identification program in Africa

We are proud to be actively making a difference however as we are growing significantly, we need your support. With your generous help, we can continue to be impactful locally and would like to grow continentally.

Your donation supports many ACL services:

  • Instructors from ACL provide chess classes that teach fundamental chess elements.

  • We promote educational values that are imparted via chess.

  • We focus on chess fundamentals that incorporate lessons on critical thinking, planning, and logic.

  • Emphasis is placed on reflection and cognitive development through mental exercises.

  • We formulate high-performance chess programs for schools geared towards participation in the provincial chess team.

  • Our students are encouraged to demonstrate sportsmanship and to strive for success, in the classroom, over the chessboard, and in life.

  • We have created employment opportunities and paid staff weekly allowances.

  • ACL helps in the inception and management of chess clubs and tournaments.

  • The bulk of ACL’s costs go towards the maintenance of the platform and maintaining an online presence.

  • We also conduct extensive research that enables the organization to be well run and create training manuals in different respects
    ACL promotes and hosts internal and external chess events.

  • We examine social betterment via chess to ensure the success of our programs.

  • We are an intricate part of social impact initiatives through our networks such as girl and women empowerment initiatives amongst many others.

  • Children and adults who start playing chess at an early age gain increased; focus, self-confidence, patience, logical thinking skills, imagination, problem-solving skills, memory (especially spatial memory), mental agility, and mental resistance.


Support of well-wishers like you is crucial to our efforts for continuity and growth.


Thank you in advance for your contribution.

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International Chess Coach

Reuben Salimu