The Oddest Place You Will Find Chess

Most chess players have found themselves so consumed by the position on the board, the tactics brewing in their heads that they forget their surroundings.

Usually, these games are played in ordinary places. In chess tournaments, at players’ homes, or on Internet chess servers.

Sometimes, though, the urge to play chess is so strong, games will spring up in unusual places. Serious games have taken place on tiny pocket sets in cars, trains, planes, and buses. Before the advent of laptops and smartphones, students would play “correspondence” games by passing notes in class.

While most of us have played chess in some unorthodox places, it’s safe to say that few players have conducted games in crazy locations. members have before discussed the strangest places they’ve played, and we would love to hear your answers on Facebook or in the comments below.

Let us know if any of you can top these crazy places to play our favorite game.

So here we go

5. On a roller coaster ( The last thing on your mind).

4. Underwater ( I would not have come up with this in a million years).

3. Atop the Eifel Tower ( This was bound to happen sooner or later).

2. In Space (With Russians interest in space we can let this one pass).

1. In a boxing Ring (With chess boxing being a thing this was bound to happen sooner or later).

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