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Training Trainers

The goal of our Chess Coach Training program is to provide parents/teachers with the knowledge and tools to act as an ongoing resource to help further chess programs at schools. 

ACL provides opportunities for coach/trainer instruction on either an individual or a small group basis. Classes occur on a booking basis and are tailored to provide both chess instruction and general strategies for managing the classroom and individuals.

Training is individualized based on prior chess knowledge and ability, instruction time will range depending on the needs of the individual/group.

Level 1 Trainers 

Development Trainer program. Caters for trainers who introduce players to chess and bring them to 1000 Elo rating.

Level 2 Trainers 

Intermediate trainer Program.

Caters for trainers who take players from 1000-1500 Elo rating

Level 3 Trainers 

Advanced  Trainer Program.

Caters for trainers who take players from 1500-2000 Elo rating

We shall process your admission and update you with our final decision within a few days of receiving payment and all documentation.

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