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Curro Durbanville Chess Academy in association with ACL

A Hub for Chess Excellence Across

Ages and Skill Levels

Welcome to African Chess Lounge (ACL), your home for premier chess education. Founded by chess aficionado Reuben Salimu, we're driven by the mission to gain international acclaim by offering top-notch coaching to players not just in South Africa but around the globe. Many international players turn to ACL during their off-season, recognizing our world-class coaching as a vital resource.

Our talented and certified team of coaches collaborates closely with Reuben Salimu, our Executive Director and Head Coach, to offer an unparalleled chess training experience. We specialize in bespoke coaching programs, catering to school-level players, chess clubs, and amateur enthusiasts alike.

For those interested in exploring school-level training or private coaching for emerging professionals, ACL is your one-stop destination. We're proud to announce our strategic partnership with Curro Durbanville, culminating in the Curro Durbanville Chess Academy. This alliance not only amplifies our coaching resources but also enables us to extend our educational footprint, reaching a wider community. Tailoring our coaching to fit different learning levels, we stand as a regional hub for chess excellence. Whether you're a beginner or a grandmaster, ACL provides the ideal environment to elevate your game.

Academy Chess Curriculum

 Introducing African Chess Lounge's Mastermind Chess Curriculum!  Unveil the chess grandmaster within you through our unparalleled chess curriculum, designed to cater to all levels of expertise! 🌟

What's Inside? 📚

Rookie Royalties (0-1000 ELO)

  • Manual: "The Chessmate's Primer"

    • Beginners are introduced to the chessboard's magic, learning the game's fundamental principles, engaging in opening theories, and starting their tactical journey.

  • Materials:

    • Interactive Tutorials: Engage with hands-on lessons to master the rules and strategies for initiating and responding to various chess openings.

    • Beginner's Endgame Guide: Step-by-step guidance for navigating the endgame, with easy-to-understand instructions for securing checkmate.

  • Endgame Essentials: "Checkmate Basics for Rookies"

    • A focused compendium on the most crucial endgame patterns and checkmate solutions to provide a strong finish for the burgeoning chess enthusiast.

Tactical Titans (1000-1199 ELO)

  • Manual: "Tactical Titans Playbook"

    • Intermediate players expand their tactical arsenal, learning to unleash and defend against game-changing combinations and attacks.

  • Materials:

    • Mid-Game Scenarios: Interactive exercises that hone the ability to spot and exploit tactical opportunities amid the battle.

    • Chess Puzzles: A curated collection designed to sharpen decision-making and visualisation skills through complex tactical patterns.

  • Endgame Essentials: "Endgame Tactics for Titans"

    • Tactics don't end in the middlegame; this guide arms students with the techniques to navigate the endgame's tactical complexities.

Strategical Sultans (1200-1399 ELO)

  • Manual: "Strategical Chess Alchemy"

    • Players are taken on a journey into the deeper aspects of chess, merging strategic understanding with positional play to create winning advantages.

  • Materials:

    • Case Studies: Detailed analyses of masterful games that exemplify strategic prowess and positional dominance.

    • Advanced Chess Simulations: Realistic and interactive scenarios that challenge players to apply strategic concepts in practical settings.

  • Endgame Essentials: "The Sultan's Endgame Strategy"

    • A strategic masterclass on endgames, teaching students to weave together tactical and strategic threads to weave a winning endgame tapestry.

Checkmate Champions (1400-1599 ELO)

  • Manual: "Champion's Chess Codex"

    • An elite compilation of advanced strategies and concepts, preparing players for high-level competition and performance.

  • Materials:

    • Video Lessons from Experts: An archive of expert commentary and strategic insights that reveal the intricacies of top-level chess.

    • Annotated Games: Expertly selected games annotated to illustrate advanced concepts and critical decision-making points.

  • Endgame Essentials: "Endgame Scenarios for Champions"

    • A collection of complex endgame scenarios, offering champions the tools to navigate and convert advantageous positions under pressure.

Elite Enthusiasts (1600-1799 ELO)

  • Manual: "Elite Chess Anthology"

    • A treasure trove of advanced chess knowledge, from sophisticated opening repertoires to the psychological aspects of competition.

  • Materials:

    • Masterclasses: Sessions led by chess experts, focusing on deep opening preparation, mid-game planning, and endgame resolution.

    • In-Depth Opening Guides: Detailed opening explorations that enable enthusiasts to navigate through the early game with confidence.

  • Endgame Essentials: "The Elite Endgame Manual"

    • An in-depth exploration of elite endgame concepts, teaching the fine art of converting minimal advantages into full points.

Masterful Maestros (1800-1999 ELO)

  • Manual: "Maestro's Manual of Chess Mastery"

    • This manual serves as the bridge for advanced amateurs to elevate their play to that of a titled master, focusing on high-level practical play and deep strategic understanding.

  • Materials:

    • Interactive Advanced Tactic Scenarios: Challenging positions that push players to engage in multi-move calculations and deeper positional analysis.

    • Case Studies of Master Games: A dissection of master-level games providing insight into the decision-making process and critical moments.

  • Endgame Essentials: "Masterful Endgame Mastery"

    • A manual composed of complex endgame studies and practical play typical at the master level, emphasizing precision and the art of reduced-material endgames.

Grandmaster's Guild (2000-2200+ ELO)

  • Manual: "The Grandmaster's Grimoire"

    • An authoritative guide for those on the cusp of the grandmaster title, delving into advanced strategies and the mental approach of chess's greats.

  • Materials:

    • Grandmaster Interviews: Candid conversations with chess's elite, offering insights into the highest levels of play and preparation.

    • Tournament Reviews: Comprehensive breakdowns of grandmaster-level tournaments, focusing on evolving strategies and pivotal games

Why Choose Us? 🌟

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our courses are carefully crafted based on the Elo rating system, accommodating every level from beginners to expert players[3].

  • International Coaching: Learn under the guidance of internationally recognized chess coaches[1].

  • Practical Learning: Participate in rapid sessions after each learning module to apply what you've learned[2].

Gear up for a transformative chess journey with African Chess Lounge! 



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