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A recent conversation with a mom regarding being in the Club

I recently had an enquiry from a mom and with her permission I am publishing our chat here

Mum: Good afternoon, Coach Reuben. I wanted to discuss my son's progress in your chess club.

Coach Reuben: Good afternoon! I'd be happy to discuss that. Your son has been doing exceptionally well.

Mum: That's good to hear. But I'm curious, how does being part of a chess club benefit him besides learning the game?

Coach Reuben: Excellent question! Being in a club offers a lot more than just skill in the game. For starters, it helps in building social skills through regular interactions with peers and adults.

Mum: I see, what about academics?

Coach Reuben: Great point. Chess helps enhance problem-solving and strategic thinking, which are valuable in academics as well

Mum: And what about time management? He has schoolwork too.

Coach Reuben: Balancing club activities with academics teaches him the importance of time management. It's an invaluable life skill.

Mum: Any community involvement?

Coach Reuben: Absolutely, we often engage in community service activities, instilling a sense of civic responsibility in the kids.

Mum: That sounds wonderful, Coach Reuben. It seems like this club is a great platform for all-round development.

Coach Reuben: Exactly, our aim is not just to teach chess but to contribute to the holistic development of each child.

So wherever you are if you search for Chess Club near me, chess club , or chess in Cape Town or the city are in , you will find a worthy club to take your little one to and it will be worth it.

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2 comentarios

Malachi Swart
Malachi Swart
26 oct 2023

Hi, Im currently rated 1889 rapid on and Im 14 yro after playing for 9 months with no coach when do you think i should enter a tournament?

Me gusta
Reuben Salimu
Reuben Salimu
26 oct 2023
Contestando a

Anytime ! Focus on the quality of the games ! And enjoy yourself

Me gusta
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