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African Chess Lounge A's Remarkable Weekend Showdowns

The African Chess Lounge A team, an emblem of chess finesse in the WP Club League 2023 B Division, once more made their presence felt on the chessboard. Each player's moves echoed their dedication and passion.

Round 9:

Against "Crossroads A", the African Chess Lounge exhibited a blend of strategy and determination:

- Mncwabe, Minenhle Junior (1785) faced off against Kedama, Sandiso (1729), with the game ending in a balanced draw, scoring ½ - ½.

- Moodley, Yudhisthira (1485) outmaneuvered Siyo, Sibabale (1741), securing a commendable win at 1 - 0.

- Makhupane, Phuthang (1585) continued his impressive streak by besting Hlakula, Thando (1517) with a score of 1 - 0.

- Somai, Ruhan (1358) and Nkangezi, Onele (1357) engaged in a strategic duel, resulting in a draw at ½ - ½.

- ACM Bierman, Tiaan (800) battled against Maketo, Likando (1454), unfortunately marking a loss with a score of 0 - 1.

- Mouton, Jandre (892), absent from the round, resulted in a default victory for his opponent, Msondlana, Lwazi (1455).

Round 10:

In a spirited face-off against "Grassy Park Chess Academy B":

- Mncwabe, Minenhle Junior (1785) showcased his prowess against Hayward, Catherine (1315), clinching a win at 1 - 0.

- Moodley, Yudhisthira (1485) was set to play but received a bye, marking a win by default.

- Makhupane, Phuthang (1585) exhibited his chess mastery against Spiller, Caden (1119), achieving a win with a score of 1 - 0.

- Somai, Ruhan (1358) was also set to play but received a bye, marking another win by default for the Lounge.

- ACM Bierman, Tiaan (800) faced a tough challenge against Theunissen, Joshua (1195), resulting in a defeat with a score of 1 - 0.

- The Lounge's board was vacant against Waggie, Miqaeel (694), leading to a default victory for the opponent.


With each move and each round, the African Chess Lounge A team continues to inspire with their skill, strategy, and tenacity. The chess community awaits their next move with bated breath, as they continue to make waves in the WP Club League!

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