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Chessable WCCA Lighthouse Program

Western Cape Chess Association (WCCA), announced sponsorship for the Chessable WCCA Lighthouse Program. Chessable is one of the best online chess platforms.

Chessable turns chess books and videos into interactive courses. It finds out what one knows and doesn't by quizzing. It then uses the science-based principles of spaced repetition, and implicit and explicit learning to ensure you learn it all. It combines the elements of choice, science, efficiency, and fun to put you in control of your chess journey.

The name of this program stems from the fact that this has the potential for showing a new direction in teaching chess. It is also a beacon of excellence in chess development.

Head Coach of Western Cape Chess Association, Reuben Salimu, has been using it in his academy. It's proven very successful and we are now extending it to all the regions.

Western Cape has 6 regions. Metro, Cape Winelands, Overberg, West Coast, Eden, and Central Karoo. We have asked for a total of 12 kids from each region. 4 in the under 11, 13, and under 15. Two boys and two girls in each region.

This program is the first of its kind in South Africa. We are excited about the opportunities this can bring to all players.

The President of the WCCA Mr. Lewaks was happy to present more tools for kids in the province. He also emphasized that this is a prime example that the Western Cape adding value to our players. This develops skills and is relevant in today’s day and age.

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