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Round 11 Player Review: African Chess Lounge A's Dominant Display

Round 11 on 2023/09/09 at 09h30 African Chess Lounge A vs. Mitchells Plain A: 5 : 1

Salimu, Reuben (1869) vs. Sinden, Reginald (1539): 1 - 0 Reuben displayed a masterful game, tactically outmaneuvering his opponent to secure a crucial point for his team.

Hempe, Lilitha (1821) vs. Adams, Kyle (1225): 1 - 0 Lilitha continued his impressive form, showcasing a combination of strategic depth and sharp tactics to claim victory.

Mncwabe, Minenhle Junior (1785) vs. Adams, Keenan (1374): 1 - 0 Minenhle Junior's game was a testament to his preparation and excellent chess presence, leading him to a well-deserved win.

Board 4 ACL suffered default loss. However, this setback didn't deter the team's overall performance.

Salimu, Chase (1265) vs. Adams, Kyron (1079): 1 - 0 Chase demonstrated his evolving skills on the board, navigating through complexities to secure a point for his team.

Somai, Ruhan (1358) vs. Delily, Yaseen (784): 1 - 0 Ruhan's game was a blend of positional understanding and superior technique, leading him to a smooth victory.


We congratulate the African Chess Lounge A team on their promotion and their stellar performance. The chess community eagerly awaits their next move in the A Division!

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