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The Western Cape Chessable Talent Identification and Grooming Program

Earlier this year with the help of Chessable,( African Chess Lounge and Western Cape Chess Association developed a talent Identification program and identified 12 kids in the following regions


Chessable is an online learning platform for chess players of all levels. It offers a variety of features, including step-by-step coaching from grandmasters, personalized lessons, and daily practice problems.

Chessable also has a social component that allows users to compete against friends and other members of the community. Overall, Chessable provides a comprehensive learning experience for chess players of all levels.

The regions

Cape Town Metro

Cape Winelands

West Coast


Central Karoo


The Western Cape

The Western Cape is a South African province with coasts bordering the Indian and Atlantic oceans. It's known for the port city of Cape Town, set beneath Table Mountain, part of a national park of the same name.

The total land area of the province is 129,462 square kilometers about 10.6% of the country's total. It is roughly the size of England. Its capital city and largest city is Cape Town, and some other major cities include Stellenbosch, Worcester, Paarl, and George.

The Program

During our initial survey, we found that many of the kids were not receiving proper training. To address this issue and provide means for all 72 children in need, Chessable has provided devices that will allow them to do their practice sessions each day while load shedding is happening!

Thanks to Chessable these kids’ week in and week out are not only going through guided training but they have annual Chessable premium and relevant Chessable courses for other individual needs.

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