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Private Coaching

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The Curro Durbanville Chess Academy offers personalized coaching sessions to students of various levels, both in-person and online. We have different courses designed for different levels based on the Elo rating system.


Our courses include:

Beginner Level Course for students with an Elo rating of 0-1000.

Level Category Level 5 for students with an Elo rating of 1000-1199.

Level Category Level 4 for students with an Elo rating of 1200-1399.

Level Category Level 3 for students with an Elo rating of 1400-1599.

Level Category Level 2 for students with an Elo rating of 1600-1799.

Level Category Level 1 for students with an Elo rating of 1800 to 1999.

Expert Level for students with an Elo rating of 2000-2200+.


We will adjust the students' course level as we see fit, regardless of their rating, to ensure that they are at the appropriate level to improve their chess skills.


Why Opt for a Personal Chess Course

  • Unique Syllabus

    Each course at Curro Durbanville Chess Academy comes with a unique syllabus designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of various levels of students. Personal coaching comes with a unique syllabus of its own.

  • Flexible Timings

    No need to cater to specific batch timings. Students can choose a time at their convenience.

  • Personal Attention

    One-to-one coaching for every student opting for personal chess coaching ensures that they get focused attention from the teachers.

  • Learn from the Best

    Curro Chess Academy has a team of highly experienced coaches that are international-rated chess players. Students get to learn from the best of the best.

High-Performance Group Coaching

In addition to the personalized coaching sessions, all students participate in the High-Performance group sessions every Wednesday at 6 pm. This provides an opportunity for students to test their skills against other high-performing students.

Advantages of Group Chess Lessons

  • Students learn from each other’s perspectives through keen observation.

  • Different players have different strategies – therefore for each good move, there is always another better move to learn and play.

  • It stimulates emotional intelligence and develops team spirit.

  • Students get to learn from other players’ wins and losses.

  • Group chess training enables students to learn chess in a fun manner through various group activities and championships that boost their thinking prowess.

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