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Training Trainers

At African Chess Lounge, we're committed to empowering parents and teachers through our specialized Chess Coach Training Program. Our mission is to equip you with the expertise and resources needed to become invaluable assets in advancing school-based chess initiatives.

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Our Programme

We offer flexible coaching sessions tailored for either individual or small group instruction. Book a class and you'll not only master the game of chess but also gain effective strategies for classroom management and individual mentorship.

Our training is highly personalized, taking into account your existing chess skills and educational needs. This means the duration of your training is adapted to ensure you get the most out of each session



Level 1 Development 

Development Trainer program. Caters for trainers who introduce players to chess and bring them to 1000 Elo rating.


Level 2 Intermediate

Intermediate trainer Program.

Caters for trainers who take players from 1000-1500 Elo rating


Level 3 Advanced

Advanced  Trainer Program.

Caters for trainers who take players from 1500-2000 Elo rating


We are always looking forward to hearing from you


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