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Mini Camps

Designed to fulfill the comprehensive needs of chess players aiming for professional excellence, African Chess Lounge presents its Mini Chess Camps. The program comprises an intense 3-day training schedule, featuring 3-hour sessions each day with strategic breaks. Held in the scenic environment of Cape Town, these camps offer individualized and team-focused training.

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Program Highlights

Day Intensive Training

  • Engaging training sessions led by African Chess Lounge's expert coaching team, set in our specialized chess training block with spacious classrooms


  1. Video Analysis: Personalized feedback to fine-tune your strategies and techniques.

  2. Performance Psychology Sessions: Enhance your mental toughness and concentration for better gameplay.

  3. Future Chess Planning: Professional guidance on your journey in the chess world.

This well-rounded experience offers unique interventions for an enriching learning environment, empowering each participant to elevate their chess skills to professional standards


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