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Junior High-Performance Session

Junior High-Performance Session

We have a fantastic High Performance Program at the African Chess Lounge, perfect for young chess lovers! We divide them into two groups. The Junior group is for beginners or those with a rating up to 1000 Elo, and the Senior group is for those rated above 1000 Elo. Each group costs R400, but it's also part of the private coaching package if you choose that.

Every Wednesday at 6 PM, it's time for the Senior group to shine, and on Thursdays at the same time, the Junior group takes the stage. Each session starts with a 30-minute lesson, followed by 40 minutes of exciting quick-play tournaments over four rounds. We review the games together, helping everyone learn and apply new chess strategies right away.

Our program is all about keeping our students' skills sharp, giving them a friendly place to try out new moves and strategies. With regular practice in this structured setup, they'll be ready to face any challenge in real tournaments.

On our special African Chess Lounge platform, students can play and interact, even get extra tasks to keep learning fun outside class hours. This program is a great way for anyone keen on getting better at chess to do just that. It's not just about learning; it's about enjoying chess and growing with every move!

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