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Early March Trials Successes

The Metro-North Chess Trials took place on Saturday, the 5th of March. Almost a hundred players from various schools competed in the tournament. There were 6 intense rounds of chess for the 3 age groups: U9, U11, and U13.

Curro Durbanville’s players did exceptionally well and thus dominate the prize-giving ceremony.

Hannah Van Heerden and Chase Salimu both won all their games on the day to take top honors!


Tristan Meder – U9 Boys 1st Place

Callan Manning and Jesse Donker – U9 Boys 2nd Place (Shared)


Chase Salimu – U11 1st Place Overall

Janko Weideman U11 2nd Place Overall

Mila Snyman – U11 Girls 1st place

Emlyn Wilson – U11 Girls 2nd place


Hannah Van Heerden U13 1st Place Overall, 1st place U13 Girls

Declan Olkers U13 2nd Place Overall





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